Beautiful Weekend

Last Thursday, Malcolm and I had a petty argument that, I think, I've blown out of proportion. I know that despite it's pettiness, we still hurt each other with careless words spoken... which is why I think that we've done more than enough to make it up to each other over the weekend. We didn't do anything fancy, we just talked... alot. Mind you, Malcolm is a very good communicator but when it comes to talking about his emotions, it's something that doesn't come easy for him. I know that loooooo...ng talks makes him a little uncomfortable, but he did it anyway, which I am very thankful for. I think that being married for almost 5 years has made us a little complacent in talking about things that affect our family... especially lately with work, school for me, the business, with juggling schedules. Sometimes, because of just the weariness of everyday life and the familiarity to each other, we even forget common courtesies, such as "please" and "thank you." Thank God for our daughter, Micah, who always says it - reiterates it to her less-than-polite parents. But this weekend was great because both me and Malcolm put it as a priority to show each other that our marriage is a priority and we will do everything to protect it. My husband is not perfect but I am glad that his strength and commitment to "us" is unwavering. I mean this man will truly "fight" for us. Everytime I think about it, makes me love him more and more! God truly blessed me with my family. I am so dumb sometimes to take it for granted.

So, the weekend was just wonderful... Malcolm, Micah and I spent genuine quality time with each other.

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