Why I would marry Malcolm over and over again

While going through my files, I found a CD that contains all of my old documents from 2004-2006. In it, I found a document I wrote 11/20/2006:

Why I would marry Malcolm all over again!

1. He’s not getting tired in making me understand my worth as a person through his love everyday
2. He makes me realize everyday how precious and unique I am in God’s sight.
3. He sees through my defenses and fallacies, and is patient enough to allow me to grow by not taking these things against me.
4. He reinforces my strengths and talents – which is the reason why I want be a better person.
5. He gives me endless chances to prove myself through his unwavering forgiveness every time I do something wrong.
6. He never remembers the things he has forgiven me… he keeps no records of them.
7. He takes care of me all the time… especially those times that I can’t take care of myself.
8. He always fills the cup… he knows that I can only offer as much and he makes sure he fulfills the rest.
9. He always says I’m beautiful even though I don’t feel like it.
10. He protects me… more so from those things that at times I am too stupid to see as threat (i.e. life suckers).
11. He allows me to be me… he never imposes on how I should act or who I should be.
12. He is honest in telling me the areas I still need to work on in my life.
13. He has the integrity of Christ. He makes sure that his actions will never compromise it.
14. He always sees the “bright side” of every situation. I am a constant worry wart and he always appeases my worries through his faith in God.
15. He makes me laugh ALL THE TIME! He doesn’t know how funny he can be!
16. He is never afraid to admit he is wrong. He might justify it once in a while, but never did he cover up his mistakes my exerting his authority as the husband.
17. He is a great planner and visionary! I love how he plans for our future…something that I can’t do…
18. He is going to be a great father. I really appreciate him preparing for fatherhood.
19. He is great in his surprises… although I don’t like surprises that much, he taught me how to appreciate it to the point that I look forward to it.
20. He is always on time! I love his promptness and his respect for other people’s time, including my own.
21. He is kind. He has the biggest heart ever. He might not show it, but his kindness and good heart is always seen in his actions.
22. He truly cares for people. I love how he always leaves a positive mark that influences every person he comes in contact with to believe that his/her life has a reason.
23. He never makes excuses! He is always taking responsibility for his actions.
24. He is a dedicated leader! Both in our home or wherever else he may be.
25. He constantly feeds his brain and teaches others (especially me) to do the same.
26. He is full of wisdom… especially when it comes to controlling his tongue.
27. He has the most contagious spirit! His enthusiasm for life is inexhaustible and influential.
28. He trusts me. He never questions my motives unless he intuits that I am doing something that compromises my integrity.
29. He has the most beautiful smile! A smile that can perk-up any dreary day!
30. He loves God above all… It is evident when a man is walking in righteousness with God… my husband is that man.

addendum on no. 18: He is the best father I have ever known by far! I love how he loves and protects our daugther!

I love you honey! Thank you for the best almost-5 years of my life!

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