Another shocking moment

Earlier this morning, I prepared Micah breakfast. Usually, when I say "time to eat," Micah already sits herself in her lowered high chair, so when I called out my pre-meal shout out, she hurriedly prepared herself as she gleefully said, "yay!" I made her ham and eggs on rice. As I gave her the eggs on the rice first, she said "thanks mom!" but as I turned my back I heard a lowered whisper "yuck!" I was surprised but at the same time I thought it was funny! I mean, she really lowered her voice, probably hoping I didn't hear it. Anyways, understanding that my child already has preference and there's no point in arguing with that, I immediately asked if she wanted meat (ham) instead. She readily replied, "MEAT!" I cut the ham into smaller pieces and placed them on her bowl. She giddily shouted, "Thanks mom!" again with the remark that made me so impressed with my little 19 month old. She said, "WOW! Many!" I can't believe it! She learned another descriptive word! I thought she only knew heavy, light, hot, cold, picy(spicy), cary (scary), but I guess she knows what "many" is now. Man! I can't believe how she learns things so fast! What a wiz kid!

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