Proposition 8

The opposition to Proposition 8 is getting ridiculous by the minute. I mean, I don't understand! Isn't the decision based on the vote of the people of California? So, the people already decided and their decision is to say "yes" to traditional marriage. Why can't the opponents of Prop 8 give it a rest?

First off, I don't think that passing Prop 8 is about discrimination. It's about a choice given to the people and people expressing their obvious choice based on their beliefs. Now, I am a person of color, considered a minority of this country... so needless to say, I hate discrimination. But what makes US such a great country is its provision for its people, including minorities like me, the freedom to choose and to exercise their rights. In the choice whether to pass Prop 8 or not, both parties were given equal rights to exercise their beliefs by voting on the issue, pro and anti. Both had ample ads about the pros and the cons of the passing of this proposition that ran a long time before elections. So, after everything done to cover all the bases to protect democracy, why still violently oppose the majority's choice? Whatever belief reigned in the election by the vote of the people should be respected and upheld. I am sure that if the results were otherwise and the supporters of Prop 8 fought to overturn the decision, the same excuse will be promoted by the opposition: discrimination. Damn if you do, damn if you don't.

But, sure! We still live in a democratic society, so granted that any decision can still be challenged. But challenging and questioning any decision shouldn't involve any threat to the well-being of opponents. They should stick to discussing issues disputed, and not to twist the arm of their adversary to renounce their rights. Sadly, that is what the opponents of Prop 8 are doing (http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-marriage12-2008nov12,0,3294041.story?track=rss).

Yes, anti-Prop 8 states as-a-matter-of-factly that Prop 8 negates people's rights. But don't the supporters of Prop 8 have rights too? Should they abandon their rights so their pushy opponents can get their way? I say, that's hardly a proof of equality.

Everyone is fighting for equality but the truth is not everyone's interpretation of equality will be accomodated by the policies of this country. This is why we vote on issues, so that the voice of the people are heard. Now, the people have spoken! So we should accept the decision, like what the anti-Prop 8 says, "regardless of how we feel about it." That's just the human thing to do.

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