Micah's becoming gramatically correct

I have noticed that lately, Micah knows the difference between do and did. Like when daddy asks her, "did you do this?" She'll reply, "nope, mommy did!" And when she want's to do something, she'll say, "mommy, I'll do it"

Also, she knows what the meaning of "too" is. Like when I say, "I am tired!" She'll respond, "I'm tired too!"

She also knows the concept of "yours" and "mine". Like when I tease her sometimes, I'll say, "this is my foot" while grabbing her foot, she'll reply, "no mommy, this' mine! That's yours" pointing to my foot.

Isn't that cute? I mean, she is becoming more conscious of the way she speaks. I just bought her the "My baby can read" series. We just watched the start-up DVD earlier and she loved it. She knows all the meanings of the words displayed. But, I think that the series will help her learn associate the meaning to word, thus, teach her how to read.

Well, let's see if it works!

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