Micah's 3rd Birthday Celebration

Micah celebrated her 3rd birthday yesterday at Lemos Farm for a cowgirl/boy party (she's into Jessie of Toy Story). I can say she had so much fun because all night yesterday and all day today, she's still beaming in saying, "Mommy, my birthday was fun! Can we go back tomorrow?" The activities included pony and train rides, bounce house, and a play area. The guests munched on pizza, burgers, salads, different filipino food (lumpiang shanghai, pancit and leche flan - courtesy of my parents-in-law), and my very first marshmallow fondant cake and royal icing covered cupcakes! God blessed me and Malcolm so much yesterday for giving us great weather (I really thought it was going to rain, but God just made it overcast so the sun won't directly be on us), giving us wonderful family and friends, and finally, for giving us Micah - The reason we celebrate daily! It was a SUPER AMAZING DAY! Happy Birthday Princess, Cowgirl Micah!

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