What a great day today is!

Okay, I  know I've been out of touch this week, mainly because life is catching up to me so fast, I couldn't keep up! Anyways, aside from a recipe I'll share today, I want to just let you in today's amazing happenings!

Okay, so a good few months back, I have was looking for a part-time job in the morning because I only work 3 hours/day for a biotech company. This was before my husband and I ventured into our telecom business... oh, wow, so maybe this was even a year or more ago that I was looking for part-time work that would occupy my mornings. I initially thought it would be great if I can find a job as a preschool teacher/assistant teacher since I can also enroll Micah in where ever school I land a job in. So a friend of mine forwarded my resume to the preschool where she was working for at that time. I was able to meet and discuss things with the preschool director, but nothing really came out of it. So fast forward to today, I was so surprised when I recieved a phone call from the preschool director, asking me if I have any availability to work as an assistant teacher for toddlers. She said that for some reason, when the position opened, she immediately thought of me. Mind you, we just saw each other once and communicated a few times on the phone, so it was amazing to me that after all this time, I stood out in her memory! Isn't that cool!?

And just now, I was speaking to my boss and she said that she has already requested to add an hour/day for me, so basically bumping me to 20 hrs/wk as oppose to only 15! Wow! That's like an additional $100/wk! Oh my goodness! I am just so happy and blessed today! I can't believe how God is opening so many doors! For the past few weeks, my sisters and I are praying for a breakthrough of abundance in our families and does God answer fast or what!? Simply AMAZING!!!!

Okay, so that's my happenings today! I guess that constitutes for all the planned posts I'm supposed to share this week - Wild happenings that make me eternally grateful! And here's a song that just reminds me of how God loves me and looks into my heart, nothwithstanding all the ugliness I have! Jesus!!! I am so blessed!

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