Good news is, it's not the pox!

Mai had a bad case of rash the past week! When we checked with the on-call doctor, he said that it probably was chicken pox. Mai has had one dose of varicella vaccination and is due for another one between the ages of 4-6. But the doctor said it wasn't uncommon to still catch the virus, but since she's had one shot, her symptoms will appear mild, thus, the rash.

Anyways, when we saw her PCP last Friday, she finally had the inkling to culture it for varicella. It came out negative, so she just concluded it to be a bad case of rash that she may have gotten from playing in Hop and Play.

So thank God, it's not pox, but the bad part is that, she will have to get 4 shots! Varicella being one of them. Ugh! But better that than the virus, right?

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