Thoughts today

Yesterday, I was talking to someone who was so down and out about life. While I was listening to her, I felt this overwhelming sadness for her. Not only because of the tough circumstances that seem to overwhelm her at the moment, but also because of the lost hope she once had.

It got me thinking, it's one thing for some people or even circumstances to rob us of hope, but for us to rob ourselves of hope is another thing. Most of the time we point the blame to everyone and everything around us, and it's not to say that it isn't "their" fault, but often times we forget that we still have the "power" of choice - to choose to be hopeful, choose to find another way, choose to have life - regardless of how hard this world kicks us to the curb.

That's also not to say that we won't hurt, cry in frustration, panic, fear. But amidst all those, we still have the power to choose how to respond. Sadly, we often forfeit that power for the fleeting release of complaint. How do I know? It's because I do it too... a lot of times. Why? if we do know that we have this unrelenting power within us to hope, then why choose otherwise? Well, there's really no other reason behind it other than, it's EASY! It's so easy to feel pity upon ourselves. It's so easy to wallow in the overwhelming confusion of the problems than face the painstaking route of finding a solution. It's so easy to blame the choices of others that inflicted us pain. It's SO EASY! But easy doesn't do much for any of us but the release of guilt we put upon ourselves. 

However, it also got me thinking too... in growth, there's no easy; in achievement, there's no easy; in hope, there's no easy; in living the life you deserve, there's no easy. So, why do we still want easy? It's still gets me thinking...

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