Should we get her a puppy?

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Mai wants a puppy. Initially, my answer is no because she is allergic to pet dander. But after 2 years of constantly visiting pet stores to admire those cute little pups and her incessant begging, I am in the brink of saying yes. Okay, it's not like I don't like puppies... I do! They're just so cute and  cuddly! Like having a real, live stuffed animal! And, I do believe that if you want to know what unconditional love is, get a puppy. They're just so loving, so devoted... like you're the only one who exists in the universe! But they are also so high maintenance, constantly needing your attention. So, I just don't think that having a little kid and a pup in the same household is a good combo in our household right now.

What a cruel mom! You think. But really, how other people get things done with pups and kids in the house is beyond me! Just getting over ogling with so much cuteness in one room just makes it impossible to do anything! Which brings me to this thought: Which is cuter? Puppies vs. Babies? Well, of course for me, being a mom, nothing compares to the cuteness my little Mai! I mean, just look at her! That kid is just oozing cuteness like no other! The way she laughs, talks by golly, even her tantrums are just so cute! But ask my sister Hannah before she had her son, Caleb, for sure she would have to say that Ms. Daisy (her shitzsu pup) is the cutest being God ever created!

How about you, what do you think? Puppies vs. Babies? Share your comments below and vote at Puppies vs. Babies online contest


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