To Micah-- About Kindergarten

Dear Micah love,

So, in a week, you will embark on another new beginning... the start of your elementary years! You will now be a KINDERGARTENER! That is pretty amazing to me because I still have very fond memories of me as a kindergartener! And now I'm sending you, my precious baby to Kindergarten (sniff, sniff). You know I'm very, very excited for you and this new "growing-up" chapter in your life story; however, I also feel a pang of sadness because I can't believe how time flew by so darn fast! When I was a kid, I always hear my mom say that... time flies by so quickly, like a blink of an eye! I never really empathized with it because, as you know, when you're the one growing-up, every minute feels like an eternity! I guess that's the not-so-good part of being a grown-up, time gets so short! I look at you and I can't help but to be both amazed and dumbfounded-- amazed, because I just can't believe a child as wonderful, beautiful, smart, kind, loving, obedient, sweet, happy, positive... oh you know I can keep going on and on... came from me! Me! Oh my love, you make me so proud, not only of you, but also of myself! I mean, God used me and some traits in me (okay mostly me *wink*) to make you! So that means, I have those amazing traits as well, right? You better agree! LOL! But I also am so dumbfounded because I feel like I blinked and you're this big girl, who talks and reasons and thinks and feels like a grown kid! Goodness! How on earth did that happened!? Time literally slipped through my fingers!

Anyways, the point of this letter (yeah, took me a while!) is to let you know that I am so proud of you and that words will never be enough to express how I thank God everyday that He gave me the most wonderful privilege to be your mother! You are one supercalifragilisticexpialidocious child! I never thought that I will be this blessed... you and your daddy are my greatest blessings!

Okay, I guess I should give you some words of wisdom as you start this journey. Hmmm... lemme see if I can remember what I learned when I was at this stage...

Best things I learned in Kindergarten:

1. ENJOY! Yes, enjoy EVERYTHING! I remember Kindergarten being so much fun! I remember playing, meeting new friends and getting excited with new things! Oh! You will learn a lot of new things! The best way to go through everyday is to just enjoy everything!

2. Time out is not a bad thing. Don't consider time outs as punishment. As the word says, it is really just that-- a time out of what you're doing right now so you can think of what you're doing. Learn to love time outs because it only means that you get to learn a lot more things.

3. Not everyone will play with you and that's ok! I know you're so used to having Nicole (your BFF) around to play with; but now that she's moved to a different school, take this time to play with everybody. Ask one kid/day to play with you, but if they say no, that's ok. Just cross them out today's list and add them for tomorrow. And you'll see, as you get to know everybody, you will find friends in unlikely places (even if their hyper like, you know who! LOL!)

4. Try one new thing daily. This is scary and fun at the same time. But dare yourself to try just one thing everyday-- it can be food, game, book, color, activity, etc. But just try it out. This will help you know which things you like and don't like.

5. If someone's being a bully GO TELL THE TEACHER! Don't wait and try to talk back or defend yourself. JUST RUN TO THE TEACHER! There will come a time that you will have to defend yourself from a bully, but for now JUST GO TELL!

6. Smile! Oh! Your smile is a gift that you should give everyone! I'm telling you, they will love it!

7. It's ok to have friends that are boys. Don't listen to daddy! LOL! Not all boys are mean (look at Alex, he's a good boy right?)

8. Be careful in the playground. It's fun and all but you can get hurt if you don't pay attention! It's okay to monkey around in the monkey bars but avoid hanging upside down like you're so fond of doing! PLEAAAAAAAASSSSSSSEEEEEEEEE!!!!

9. Don't compare! You are unique as well as everybody. If people try to compare just say "To each his own." If they ask what that means just say "go ask the teacher!"

10. Don't be afraid to speak up. If someone's/something's bothering you, politely let them/someone know why it's bothering you. Remember: USE THE POWER OF YOUR WORDS!

I love you darling! I'm so excited for you! I know you're going to have so much fun, but if you can, just remember me once in a while ok? Miss me a bit if you can ;-)


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