Wow moments

Today is a milestone. Micah took a step without falling! Well, she can already walk but with guidance(from me or her push-something-toy). She also can balance herself while standing but whenever she takes a step, she comes tumbling down. Today, she didn't. I am so happy! Too bad I wasn't able to record it. Leave it to me to lose the camcorder right now! I just saw it the other day, but today, NA-DA! Ugh!

But over-all, I'm a happy mom. It's just so surreal! I mean Micah can walk. It seems like yesterday when I had her... she's just a little tiny person... now, she's walking! Man! That was fast! There are times that I miss her being an infant... just there lying down... still very dependent. Now, Micah even wants to eat by herself! Yeah, she's such a Ms. Independent. She can entertain herself, communicate, express feelings... at times, very deep feelings. She knows her options and has preferences...She's also a great imitator now, which is why there's a lot of "bleeps" in our house - can't say something I'll regret her hearing and learning later, can I? Oh my, I have a little lady. I have never felt both happy and sad like this: happy because she's growing up to be the beautiful person that God planned her to be, but sad because she's growing up too fast and there's not enough time in a day to hug her and kiss her and cuddle her... I should really chronicle these moments...

darn! where is that camcorder!?

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