28 years...

"Five hundred, twenty five thousand, six hundred minutes. How do you measure a year?"

Wow! I can't believe that in a few minutes I am actually turning 28... twenty eight... viente ocho...10+10+8... Man, it doesn't matter how I write it. It still feels like a long time and I feel old! YIKES!!!

Well, to others 28 is still young, especially to my husband who is a little older that I am... okay, way older than I am :-) but regardless, I feel otherwise. I know it's just another year, just another number, but that year just went by so fast I hardly even blinked! How could I have aged so fast? I was just 27! I'm not even used to answering the question "How old are you?" with "27!" Now I'm 28!

I remember when I was a kid, my plan was to be a doctor by this age, changing the world through medical missions around the globe. Gosh, how naive of me to think that life is that easy. Two nights ago, Malcolm, Micah and I were watching "The bucket list." It's a movie about two older men who found out they were dying that prompted them to create a bucket list, "list of the things to do before hitting the bucket" - Dying. It was an inspiring movie! I know, how morbid of me to be talking about death on my birthday, moreso to think of it as inspiring. Well, it's not about death really, it's more of "what am I doing with life?" Come to think of it, we will all hit the bucket sooner or later, but not all of us are going to be ready when the time comes. For me, the question as I get older is, "What legacy am I creating?" and having a daughter, who I think is born for greatness, just reinforces this question to be answered, daily! In my almost (a few minutes more) 28 years of existence, I can't honestly say I haven't wasted a day or two failing to contribute something meaningful to my life. But I guess, in my own little way, I have done and chosen things that are integral to the person I am now and the person I still wish to be. For this year's gift of life, here's a list of what I've learned that contributed to my growth as a person and hopefully does its duty to the world (somehow):

a. I have learned the difference between submission and obedience -
That I should submit to my husband and any authority I am obligated to be under, but only vow my obedience to God.

b. I have learned and accepted that I don't have a sharp memory -
I thought I did but my constant failure to do the things I am supposed to do has made me believe my husband that I, too, am fallible especially about remembering my "to do" list. I thank Malcolm for encouraging me to attend the "FOCUS" workshop... a day that changed how I view time, which essentially help change my life!

c. I have learned that there's nothing I can say/not say or do/not do that can come close to describing how I love my daughter -
I used to constantly try to do things to prove I love her, but she knows my heart and that is enough for her, so it should be enough for me.

d. I have learned that 99% of how I could show love to my husband is to support him and honor him as the man of our home-
I am very strong-willed to the point that I, at times... okay, most of the times, stepped way beyond my boundaries in our marriage. Last year was a turning point... Thank God He made me understand 1 Corinthians 13 and how it applies to my role as a wife.

e. I have learned and accepted that I should forgive more -
Mostly myself.

f. I have learned the value of not giving-up-
Despite the setbacks, I am graduating this year, December 13, 2008! I little late but I did it!

g. I have re-learned and finally accepted that my perceptions are not facts -
Finally! Helps my self-image above all...

h. I have learned that family will always be family -
Holding a grudge against anyone in the family is a fault to self.

i. I have learned that choosing what is right needs action -
To choose the right thing is nothing if not acted upon.

j. I have learned that to be signicant means learning without prejudice, hoping without hesitations, trying like I've never failed, trusting like I've never been disappointed and loving others without conditions -
I figured if I can live this way everyday, I could already leave my legacy without kicking the bucket yet.

Well, turning twenty eight is not such a bad thing after all... shesh! the number still freaks me out a little but thinking about my past year helps. Now my "five hundred, twenty five thousand, six hundred minutes" is up, I'm a year older, hopefully a year wiser. Over all, it was a good year...very good year! I guess there's nothing left to say but, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!" :-)

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