Micah Renae at 16 months

Whew! Time flies fast! Last 7/31, Micah turned 16 months. Here are some updates of what she can do:

- She is a very friendly and loving little girl! She makes friends easily
- She is very smart! Has a very sharp memory!
- She now dominates our TV. Sprout channel all the time! She still loves watching Calliou
- She is okay brushing her teeth now. Before I used to just wipe it since she doesn't like brushing. Now, everytime she takes a bath, she brushes her teeth (2x/day)
- She can recognize people in pictures
- She can follow more directions like, "give it to mommy/daddy," "put it back," etc.
- She has a longer attention span
- She likes writing and coloring
- She loves cookies! I bake her a few pieces every dinner.
- She loves Disneyland more and more... she gets super excited (jumping and giggling) when daddy puts in the Disney vacation DVD
- She still loves dancing and singing - but she can actually mouth some of the right words in certain songs like "Remember When" by Leann Rimes
- She responds to discipline now, usually looks at me with puppy dog eyes when she does something "not good" (we don't say "bad" in the house). At times she reasons out in her gibberish way :-)
- She likes veggies more than protein. Chicken is the only meat she will eat.
- She responds to options (Says no if she doesn't like and repeats the choice if she does)
- She remembers places we've been to - like Malia and Heather's house (amazing!)
- She says "hooray" everytime a tune that she likes ends

There's more but my sickness seems to give me a mental block (I have the sniffles). This last month was fast, Micah keeps on growing and learning that I can't keep up! My baby is becoming more of her own person everyday! She is very matured for her age. She really makes the "mommy" experience for me so fulfilling!

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