Rough but fun night!

Malcolm, Micah and I slept late last night. We watched "the haunted mansion" movie in blu-ray (Malcolm always needs to check the difference from the DVD... hehehe!) and it's still scary for me. I keep on covering Micah's eyes during the scary parts but my very brave child gets annoyed and pushes my hand away. So, after the movie we slept, but at around 5am, Micah woke up. She's not very hyper but she wanted to go "outside" (living room). Micah and I went to the living room. I fed her milk and cheese (yup, dairy!). A few minutes later, daddy came to get us back to bed. My sweet little child happily obliged. Since she's still wide awake, daddy decided to play her lullaby CD. The music calmed her down and at around 6:30am, she finally went back to sleep. Funny thing, 10am, her usual wake-up time, she's up jumping up and down to wake-up mommy and daddy. It was a VERY tiring night, but for some reason, although I am still half asleep, I had so much fun!

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