A look into my daily life

Since I became a mom, I started setting routines for me and Micah. Initially, I never thought I could ever do it, but now, I don't know how I can live without it. Our routines are not time constraint because I am very, very bad with sticking to a time dependent schedule. My thinking is, as long as I do what I need to do in a day, I'm good. However, setting routines for my child helps me and her to have some sort of order in our lives. So here's our daily routine schedule:

-Daddy wakes up, cleans up and goes to work
- Wake-up (Micah wakes me up 90% of the time)
- Clean-up (change Micah's diaper, wash our faces, brush our teeth)
- Breakfast (mostly pancakes)
- Kitchen clean-up/lunch preparation (while Micah watches Sprout channel)
- I take a shower(Micah now watching either Calliou or Zoboomofoo)
- Micah takes a bath
- Lunch time! With Daddy! (For some reason, regardless of what time we wake up, we are able to do everything in our schedule above before 12nn, which is lunchtime)
- Micah naps or helps me with chores (she can fold clothes!) or plays while Iwatch 7th heaven re-runs.
- I prepare for work (now, this usually happens between 2-2:30pm)
- I work while Daddy takes care of Micah (from 3-6 pm, when I have homework, it can be until 7-8pm)
- I prepare dinner while Daddy bathes Micah
- I shower (again, yes, always 2 showers/day... I know it's too much water wasting but I'm cutting back on the length of my showers already!)
- Dinnertime
- Kitchen clean-up
- Daddy showers
- TV time
- Toothbrush
- Devotion

Everyday, these are the things we normally do and amazingly, we do them in order unless we have to buy groceries or run errands, which usually happens after I go home from work or during weekends. Oh yeah, on weekends, we don't have any routine but we are trying to change that now since we have to allocate time for the business.

So now you know our typical day. The funny thing is we have so much fun even if we stick to the routine! I told you, everyday's bliss!

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