Wiz kid!

A week ago (again, a late update), Micah proved once again how smart she is. So, after Malcolm and I did our usual trade-off (I work in the afternoons, so Malcolm takes care of Micah from 3-7pm ), he headed home. Our apartment is on the 5th floor and Micah, since she learned how to walk, always insisted that she would walk to our apartment once inside the building from the garage... Yes, she knows how to go home! (So, that's already way smart for a 15 month old!). Okay, so the moment Malcolm walks inside, she puts Micah down so she can walk. Micah looked around and stayed put... she didn't want to walk! Malcolm walked ahead of her asking her to follow but she kept saying "daddy, no!" as she points to the sign that tells which floor it is. Malcolm looked at the sign and guess what!? THEY WERE ON THE WRONG FLOOR! Malcolm accidentally parked on the third floor and Micah knew! Oh my goodness! So when they reached the right floor, Micah happily walked home. I cannot believe how smart this child is! I have a little genius!

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