My little lady

Yesterday, we (Buzon family) attended Elissa's Baptismal. It was the first time Micah met the Malagar and Buzon clan and my goodness, I was a very proud mother. Micah was so behaved the entire 4 hours. She smiled and posed for the cameras, she greeted and flew kisses to everyone she met, she ate her lunch and desert quietly (even if it was a late lunch for her), she socialized and interacted with people (at 15 months!)... basically, she acted like a little lady, yes, AT 15 MONTHS!!! I mean, I was beaming with pride everytime someone tells me that Micah is such a good girl. By golly, she is! On the way home, Malcolm was telling me how he also was told of many people at the party that Micah such a good girl. People were shocked that Micah is very obedient and when Malcolm told them that she only cries if she's really in pain or very embarrased (which they point out was an early emotion for a 15 month old), people were really amazed. My goodness, we went home feeling so blessed that we have such a precious daughter who is really set apart. Man, I always thought that God must have spent a little more time creating her, and I bet it's true! She is made to do really great things! Gosh, I feel, like Julie Andrews said in the "Sound of Music," I must have done something real good in the past to deserve such a great and amazing daughter. Malcolm and I are very, very honored to have her in our lives. She enriched us in so many ways, I think, even made us better people.

Here are more updates on her that I forgot the last time...

... she can say "ducky." She likes her rubber duckies so much, both the faucet cover (which is mommy ducky because it's bigger) and the small ducky that she brings with her when she takes a bath.
... I just discovered that she like "Clifford the Big Red Dog" and "Dragon Tales."

... she says "wow" to anything that will amuse her.

... she can obey orders like "go get mommy's phone," "don't cross the threshold" (the line that separates the kitchen and dining/living room), etc.

... she loves books. Yay, like mommy!

... she likes feeding mommy and daddy with whatever she's eating.

... she can bounce and kick a ball.

... she has a way to charm us when she does something that she knows needs disciplining.

... she knows how to put things back where they belong.

... she likes helping mommy fold the clothes, throw trash in the trashcan, etc.

... she says "amen" after every prayer.

... says "dudnight" (goodnight), see yah, hi... and so many more I can't remember right now...

... she wipes her face and hands after eating (yes, a 15 month old).

...she covers her mouth when laughing (little lady).

... she poses for the camera.

My goodness there is a million more and everyday is a new discovery. Micah is a great blessing that makes everyday an adventure. She really makes being a mother such joy. Thank you Jesus!!!

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