Updates on Micah

at 15 months, she...

... can walk real good! No more stumbling! She doesn't even want to hold mommy's hand anymore. Ms. Independent!
...already has preference - in her clothes, shoes, food, drink... everything!
...loves the water. She loves to swim!
...loves string cheese. Can eat 4 sticks a day!
...loves rice and noodles. Very much like daddy!
...is very chatty! She can strike up a conversation with anyone already! At 15 months! Geez, I think I have to infuse her with a little bit of stranger anxiety.
...loves animals! Especially birds, dogs and fishies.
...loves to sing and dance. This girl can sing and man, her moves are real good. Regardless, she's not going to work for Hollywood. This girl is made to be President of the United States. :-)
...doesn't want sharing mommy with daddy (not even holding hands is allowed at her presence). Yes, she's very territorial. I guess she's the alpha-dog in the Buzon pack.
...loves watching Barney, Sesame Street, and Calliou every morning.
...loves Disneyland and Mickey Mouse. She stops whatever she's doing if the commercial for Disneyland is on.
...loves the Tropicana Acai Juice commercial. I have no idea why!?
...is a deep thinker. She has her moments of quiet and thinking.
...is very articulate. She can express herself and her thoughts real good... a little gibberish but is very easy to understand.
...is a great imitator! That's why Malcolm and I are always cautious with what we say around her and what we watch on TV.
...is very observant. She watches things intently, as if learning how they work... maybe, huh?
...is very imaginative. Can entertain herself with anything.
...loves bottle caps. She has a whole collection. I also don't know why? :-)
...knows how to say Mickey Mouse (Mee-Mouse), Disneyland (Di-nee-lan), Calliou (can pronounce it right), Ernie(eh-nie), Bert (ber), Barney (bah-nee), Birdie (Boh-dee), Doggie (doo-gie), Fishy (pi-shy... a little bisaya, hehehe!), pizza (pee-sah), noodle (no-dol), rice (wise), Chicken (shee-ken), No (oh very, very clear), Oh no! (clearly), Oh Men! (clearly), Splish Splash (pish-pash), the usuals (amma, ampa, auntie, uncle, cousin, baby) and the best one, a very clear "I love you Mommy" (which always makes my day!).

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