The day Micah learned to negotiate... uh-oh!

Malcolm, Micah and I are camping out in our living room for a few weeks now. It started when the weather was scorching hot the past few weeks... now that the cold front is here, we delayed moving back to our bedroom because we are having so much fun! It's like we're in a hotel with no room service... but we did a lot of take-outs *lol*. Anyways, we were watching "Made of Honor" (I love DEMPSEY!), so when Micah noticed that my attention was more on McDreamy rather than her, she sat down in front of me blocking every angle of the TV from my view... now, our TV is a 42 inch, can you imagine her weaving her head back, forth, side to side... IT WAS HILARIOUS! Malcolm tried to distract her by giving her chips, raisins, juice but she is set to prevent me from focusing on the movie. Finally, I gave her my attention, asked her to finish her milk (in the bottle, which I am having problems with because she refuses to drink her milk lately), but my ever so witty child, instead of fighting me, negotiated her way out in her gibberish language. Now, I know that she is negotiating because she was saying the same gibberish phrase over and over again, pointing to the milk in the bottle that she adamantly refuses to drink. But being the stubborn mom I am, I negotiated back bribing her to finish it otherwise she won't "me-me"(nurse). She kept on saying the same phrase and each time I give her my answer, she would raise her voice a decibel higher, as if stressing her point that she will not drink her milk but she will sleep as soon as I nurse her. It was hysterically funny but I think I was able to prolong our negotiations for 10 minutes, just wanting to see if she will resort to throwing a tantrum if she didn't get what she want... well, she didn't. In fact, she remained composed but firm that she is not going to cave. Since I couldn't keep a straight face any longer after 10 minutes of this cute, charming, little lady trying to talk her way out of drinking her milk, I had to give in and give her "me-me." 5 minutes into it, she fell right asleep. Gosh, it's so funny how she pulled it off - her negotiating tactics were good! Come to think of it, I think that she just bribed me and it worked! Hahaha! The student has now become the master. Good work Micah!

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