Another good gesture

Malcolm is a good guy. NO DOUBT ABOUT IT! He is the type of person who would go the extra mile just to do something right... I mean, goodness gracious! The man votes! *LOL* So I know that in every situation, I can trust that he will always stand for what is right. But what moves Malcolm from a good guy to a great guy is that, he doesn't only walk the extra mile, he walks it with excellence. He never likes things mediocre. In fact, his philosophy is that anything done in mediocrity is not done at all. There are a lot of good guys in the world, but what sets Malcolm apart is his attitude. I don't just say this because he's my husband, I say this because he has influenced me in a big way. I am a worry-wart. Yes, I worry ALOT! Don't get me wrong, I didn't see worry as an enemy, but an ally. Because of my worry, I think that I am able to anticipate and be more intuitive about things. But lately, it has gotten the worse of me. For some reason, I am always slapped by reality in the face and it's scary! I find myself even worrying about things that are so far-fetched, it's ridiculous! But everytime I go in that mode, my husband always rescues me with his enthusiasm and excitement for life.

Today, he really perked me up... BIG TIME! For quite some time now, we've been planning our purchases since we are still structuring our travel business and inspite how easy and promising our business is, it still involves investment of time and, you guessed it, moolah! I must admit that we started planning our finances because I always get out of hand in spending (yep, my friend Eileen told me it's already a sickness). But for months now I have been asking/pleading Malcolm to get me a new and lighter stroller for Micah because I am so tiny and hauling her humungous travel stroller in and out the car is starting to kill my back and arms. But since the strollers I'm eyeing doesn't cost twenty bucks, he asked me if I can find the right priced one. Today, after a lengthy research of all the lightweight strollers there is, I found the right priced one even half of our budget of $500. Malcolm, being the great guy he is, did not only purchased the stroller as soon as I sent him the link and also bought me a cute light attachment so we'll have a lighted path when we use the stroller at night... something that would totally be handy when we go to Disneyland this December... something that I didn't really thought I would need but a great thing to have considering my "I-worry-about-what-I'm-stepping-into-in-the-dark" thing. Then I thought, "another good gesture from him... another mile walked excellently." I know it's just a light, but for me, it's what the light represents. Truly, my husband is set apart... I feel very blessed.

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