Micah at 17 months

Oh my! I know that I always say it every month but time surely flies fast! My Micah is now 17 months! Here are some updates on her:

1. She is still the GREAT IMITATOR! It amazes me that she can copy everything! From words to facial expressions! Yes! FACIAL EXPRESSIONS! Amazing!

2. She communicates in her own gibberish language now, and FAST! She used to just say 2-3 syllables of gibberish language, but now, she can go on and on! It's so funny because she really expresses real well, full of animation, just the sound coming out of her mouth is gibberish! :-)

3. She has a wide array of vocabulary words now - flower (pawer), banana (buh-nana), ice cream (i-cream), cookie (says it right), pancake (pah-cake), apple (apoy), pampers (pampuhs), airplane (e-plane), e-i-e-i-o (oh yes, she does! Isn't that a lot of syllables? hahaha!), and her old repertoire of mommy, daddy, baby, amma, ampa, milk, cheese, hooray (with 2 hands up in the air!), etc.

4. She can readily obey commands and can sassily command us as well, like "sit down" (it-down), "let's go"('s go), "come" (can say it right).

5. She now says "YES"! HOORAY! (with 2-hands up in the air!). Malcolm and I are getting worried of her saying "no" all the time! Initially, when she likes something, she repeats whatever it was, then she learned how to nod, now she is getting the hang of saying "yes" and "okay"... Oh, I love it when she says "Otay mommy!"

6. Loves, loves Mickey Mouse and Barney still... especially the "I love you" song from Barney. She always hugs me or daddy when it plays. However, she has this growing fondness for Minnie Mouse and Winnie the Pooh (Pooh includes Tigger, Piglet and the cast of the 100 acre wood movie... she calls them all "Pooh").

7. She is a computer genius! For some weird reason, everytime she gets her hands in my laptop, she changes something - the wierdest change is when she put every key in "caps lock" and "shift"... wiz huh?

8. She is so lovable... malambing if Filipino. She always hugs and kisses... says "I love you" all the time. She even runs over - not walks, RUNS over to hug.

9. She can feed herself better now and is getting the hang of a sippy cup... the "boon" or "boom" sippy cup worked!

10. She always wants us to kiss her boo-boos now. Everytime she says "ouch" or "ow", she will point at the boo-boo and will wait for a kiss.

11. Oh, and she is a girly girl! She wants to pick her outfits now and wants me to put make-up on her while I do mine! Isn't that precious!?

There's a lot more and still, everyday is an adventure with this kid! Oh, I so love being a mom!

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