Righteous Indignation

Like anyone else, I get irritated by so many things, like the craziness of California freeways, people who cut in lines, gossip mongers, know-it alls, etc... basically, what I call, the idiocy of mankind. Although these annoyances seem petty, at times, they can really shoot my blood pressure high-up. Don't get me wrong, I am not an angry person because I want peace and harmony just like everyone else. However, lately, my tolerance for people behaving idiotically is way down low. I don't understand why people do unjust things knowingly. It really makes me angry because this is not the world that I want my child to live in! I don't want my child tolerating bad behavior because it's the norm. It's not right and it's not debatable. If this was the case, then we appear to be lawless amidst the laws around us, so what are they for then?

Idiocy really makes me mad... I guess this is what it means to be righteously indignant.

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