Micah at 18 months

Time really goes by so fast. I can’t believe that my darling baby is already 18 months old. Every time I see her newborn pictures and her pictures now, I can’t believe how much she’s grown and become her own person. Well, aside from everything she’s already doing, here are more updates on her:

- She has grown more empathetic. She always checks me and daddy asking, “you, ‘kay?” (you okay?)
- She responds to requests like, “Go get your socks,” “please pick-up your toys,” “please turn-off the TV,” etc.
- She communicates very well now. She is very good in saying and signing please and thank you, but can also be firm when she says, “stop it.”
- Whenever I ask her something and she doesn’t know, she gives me the “I don’t know” with a shrug. Isn’t that cute?
- She calls me “mom” now! Golly! I used to be “mommy!”
- She recognizes and identifies (as in names) all the parts of her body, all the parts of her face, tummy, feet, hands, hair, etc.
- She loves, loves, loves dancing, especially with Daddy. My heart melts every time she reaches out to her dad and asks him to “dan?” (dance).
- She can brush her teeth all by herself. She loves it! She brushes while she sings “brushie-brush.”
- She also knows how to wash her face. I just don’t allow her to do it by herself yet because the sink is too high for her.
- She loves books! She loves listening to me read to her or browsing through her picture books. Thank GOD she does!
- She can eat by herself now too. She likes eating “nanas” (banana) and “wapes” (grapes) lately… although she’s been a “wice” (rice) kinda girl… like mommy.
- She is very fond of saying, “I love you 3x a day,” “I love you sobra,” “I love you grabe.”
- She loves, loves Calliou and Elmo still. She can’t get enough of them!
- She is able to tell me now if she has to go to the restroom, so we are potty-training ASAP. (A shout out to "ampa" for buying Micah the most tricked out potty in babies'r us. Thanks ampa!)
- She loves playing house now. She vacuums, cooks soup (makes us taste it too), cleans, etc. She is a very girly-girl.
- Oh, and she loves bags and shoes! Very much like mommy. I gave her her very own coach purse – a hand me down from mommy. She loves toting it around.
- She still loves Mickey Mouse and anything Disney! One time, we went to the mall, the moment we turned going to the Disneystore, she hasn’t even seen it, but she readily run towards it shouting, “meeh-mouse!” That is why Malcolm and I decided that it’s time to bring her to Disneyland! So we are going in December? YAY!

I know that I missed a lot more things she’s done but everyday with this wiz kid is an amazing experience. Malcolm and I are so blessed to have her!

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