Micah at 19 months

Finally, I am able to give Micah's updates on the date of her 19-month birthday. I'm usually late...hehehe. But now, YAY! I'm on the dot! So here are some updates on my darling daughter...

At 19 months,

1. Micah has a plethora of words that she already knows how to use... she still knows a lot more nouns, but she's getting the hang of identifying action words. Oh, and she already knows a few adjectives too.
NOUNS: (new words learned aside from what she already knows) bub-ba (bubble bath), ba-le (wallet), pin-ses (princess), no-wayt (snow white), pop-top(laptop), ca-sin (cousin), cheow (chair), sockie (socks), chosie (shoes), bodle (bottle), owenge (orange), lipop (lollipop)... etc..
ADJECTIVES: difference between light & "hee-bee" (heavy) - she often points to my bag and says "hee-bee" and then points to her bag and says "light" - bet (wet), hot, cold, itchy, tinky (stinky), penfoo (painful), lidle (little)... etc.
VERBS: top-it (stop it), dan (dance), wipe, wash, go (let's go), some (let me have some), machage (massage)... etc.

2. She is still very empathetic. She always asks "you 'kay" or "o-wayt" (alright).

3. She loves snuggling. It's going to take us 30 minutes to get out of bed after waking-up because she always wants to snuggle first.

4. She is a real charmer and very friendly. Every where she goes, she always find a new friend. She is often the first one to approach and say "hi." But she's also the alpha-dog. Wherever she goes, even if she's around bigger kids, it seems like she has a way to make them follow. I know... leadership potential is oozing out of her.

5. She is still a very girly-girl. She loves make-up, bags (she has 2 coach bags and 3 others - 5 total), shoes (has maybe 15 pairs) and playing house... always cooks "soup."

6. She helps mommy with chores more often now. I can rely on her to put her toys away after playing... but I have to persuade her a little bit.

7. Her voice of reason is becoming more honed everyday. When I ask her something or to stop a behavior, she is going to reason out first, or blatantly say "no" unless you explain why. But when I ask if the explanation is okay, she usually accepts it, says okay and stops the behavior.

8. She's becoming more persistent everyday. When something catches her fancy, she'll do everything to get it. One time, she had a toy that is on a shelf higher than her, She piled up her books and stood over them to reach the toy. Amazing!

9. She still loves to read. When she's so silent, it's always safe to assume that she's reading.

10. She loves music. She can follow some songs real good... sings the words to it with facial expression. Man, as much as I am afraid of it, she might pursue a singing career in the future... as long as it's after being president. *SMILE*

11. She has preference in clothes and food now. She picks her clothes to wear often and would insist on eating what she feels like eating... although, she still lets mommy win from time to time.

12. She is a filipino by heart. She loves rice, adobo, soup bone (nilaga), sinigang.

13. She is very maternal. She loves baby-ing her baby doll - she feeds, snuggles, kisses her baby doll.

14. She likes coloring, although it still ends up in our carpet often. Thank God for washable colors.

15. She knows how to pose when her picture is being taken... this isn't new but her poses now are so cute. She knows how to angle her face. Real cutie!

There's a lot more that I can't seem to catch-up. But, all we, Malcolm and I know, that regardless of how grown-up she'll be, she's always going to be our baby.

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