Our pretty Snow White

Micah went on her first "trick or treat" experience tonight. We opted to go to Serramonte Mall for their annual Trick/Treat event because we thought it was safer than to go trick/treating outside. Plus, the weather was so bad to go out anyway. We were a little late for the event that started at 5pm (we arrived around 6:30 pm since I had to work until 6), so we already anticipated that the stores would run-out of candy by then. So what my ever-ready husband did, wanting Micah to experience the joy of the event, was to bring our own bag of candy and to go from store to store before us to give candies to the sales associates, so when Micah comes up to them, they have candies to put in her basket. The plan went smoothly. Micah gleefully filled-up her basket. It was a great experience seeing our child so excited. We all had a great time. Here are some pictures:

Snow White and the Flash
Mommy and Micah trick or treating
Our Snow White with her basketful of candy
Snow White Micah and Elissa the flower
Snow White getting a l'il tired

Snow White's SUPER SMILE!

Mommy's little Princess
The apple of Daddy's eyes
Hyped-up from all the candy!

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