New President

Barack Obama is officially the next president of our country. His election is big for most people, especially people of color. What he said in his speech was true that him winning the presidency will bring a lot of hope for the minorities... that it is not impossible for a person of color to reach their dreams.

I admire the premise and the hope of his speech. With me though, being a person of color and knowing that paradigms like this do exist in our society, nationality or gender or even personal dreams doesn't serve as qualifiers to be a leader of a nation. I think that if people voted for a president just to support "their own" is hardly on the look out of what's best for this country. I am hoping that Barack Obama's win reflects that people believe he can do this country good... that he does what he said he'll do... that his promises of change for the better is bound to happen. But above all these, I hope that he stands for the truth. It's easy to say things that can win people's vote, but what makes a great leader is his integrity to stand-up for what is right and to fight for it especially in today's society where everything is debatable. I think that we need a president who is able to stand-up for the absolute truth that this country adhered to when it was established. We need a president who understands and deals with the differences between people's real rights and people's appeal to novelty making it their rights.

As a mom, I want to protect my daughter's future. I am willing to fight whatever may threaten it. I hope and pray that Barack Obama will be that kind of leader who is in this fight with me along with, probably, all the parents who love their children.

I didn't vote for Barack Obama, but since he is now the president, he has my support.I believe in God Almighty, and in my heart, He is still the one who appoints leaders. Regardless of whether we are Democrat or Republican, we should be unified in supporting our new president. Let's pray for President Obama as he leads our country towards the success of our nation because what he does the next four or eight years will have a great influence in the future of our children.

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