Different roles

I juggle a lot of roles in my life, although my main priority roles are toward my family: being a wife and a mom. Most of the times, these two roles take-up most of my time that I forget that I also have another role - the role to myself. It's easy to be selfless when we love someone, but often times we forget that before we can give love, we must first have enough love to give.

When I became a wife, my initial thought was I was no longer my own person. But time proved that to be wrong because I soon found out that it wasn't my husband's job to make me happy... I'm on my own on that, and that he still has parts in his life that I can never fulfill and vice versa. Regardless of that realization, when I became a mom, I started feeling the same way. I initially thought that wanting "alone" time meant that I didn't love my baby. So whenever I felt like being by myself, I immediately guilt-trip myself into thinking that good mothers don't dare think that. Of course, without recharging, my cup run dry. One day, it just hit me - the truth that I have to love myself inorder to express the love I feel for my husband and my child. After all, I can never give something I don't have. That day, it all made sense.

Nowadays, my husband gives me sometime to myself during the weekends and Friday nights by taking care of Micah while I do something that synergizes me... lately, its been blogging. I guess he also agrees that when he gives me time to recharge, I am more effective as a wife and a mom. Everyone wins!

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