One thing I know for sure is that Malcolm is a man of committment. That's tried and tested, believe me! *Big GRIN* Thank God that he is because I wouldn't know what committment truly is if it wasn't for his example. I know that for most people, the idea of "soulmates" is so far-fetched. But in our case, I believe it. I believe that God allowed our paths to cross at the right time because we are meant to be together. It's an everyday realization and everytime, I can't thank God enough.

Our marriage isn't perfect. We have our moments of "the bad" and sometimes, "the ugly," but marrying Malcolm is the best decision I've ever made. My greatest fear when I was single is missing out on my God's best. I thought I already did after making so many mistakes... but God proved to me, once and for all, how sovereign He is, with my husband's life. No words are enough to thank him for not making miss my soulmate.

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