My promise

Beautiful... just beautiful! That song, "The Promise..." Just beautiful!

Makes me think about my marriage. This coming December 22, my husband and I will celebrate our 5 years together as man and wife. Time really flies fast and everyday is a ride... full of ups and downs... but all in all, I don't think life will be this blissful had I not married Malcolm. I know that I should chronicle our everyday but I'm glad that we are so caught-up with living our lives, feeling every moment, cherishing every experience that I often forget to blog about it. *smile*

But, to give one word to describe our 5 years together, it will aptly be the word, "blessed". We are really blessed to have each other and we are exceedingly blessed to have our beautiful and smart child, Micah. She is really the proof that God has truly meant Malcolm and I together.

And like the words in the song,

When I say always
I mean forever
I trust tomorrow as much as today
I am not afraid to say "I love you"
And I promise you
I'll never say goodbye...

Malcolm, I know I don't say it often, but I constantly do mean always... forever honey! I love you and happy 5th year anniversary!

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