Micah at 20 months

Of course, I'm late again! Oh well, what can I say... I'm busy enjoying my life with my husband and daughter!

But here are Micah's updates... I know I'm bound to forget alot of them since it's already 2:40am!!! But I will try to remember:

1. She shocked me the other day, while we were playing "catch" and I failed to catch the ball from her, she charmingly said, "almost mommy". She gave me a big smile so I won't feel bad.*wink*

2. She says "excuse me" anytime she wants to get my attention or when she passes between me and daddy.

3. She still loves Caillou and she watches it way to often that she already know the words to the cartoons and sings all the songs in the dvds we have (Caillou the Fireman, Make each day special, working together, I am the great detective... alot huh!)

4. When she wants to play tag, she yells out, "I'm gonna get you!" And when she catches me or daddy, she'll say, " I got you!" *lol*

5. When I say, "ready or not, here I...," she'll yell, "COME!!!"

6. She is truly musically inclined... when a particular song catches her fancy, she would ask to listen to it over and over again until she can sing along to it... yes, it's a little gibberish but it's the loveliest voice in the world!

7. She communicates better and better each day. We can actually converse with each other now... we even disagree at times... *wink* I love it most when I ask her to do something, she responds a very loving "okay mommy!" Awww... I love it!

8. Daddy said she laughed at her sleep this afternoon. I caught her smiling while sleeping but laughing, that's new!

9. She loves making "pret-chel" (pretzel) with daddy. She's like me, loves cooking, bags, music and make-up.

10. She is a very brave child. She weathered all the dark rides when we were at Disneyland... even "Pirates" with the drops and all! Brave huh!?

There's many more for sure that I am forgetting right now... so until next time...

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