Christmas Gifts

It's the most wonderful time of the year again! Yes, regardless of the financial crunch lately, I still think that Christmas will be just as exciting and happy in the Buzon household. We already put up our tree, already bought our gifts for Micah: Art/Music Station set from Fisher Price, A toy vacuum, a toy kitchen, Caillou doll, Caillou DVDs, a Disney Princess talking throne, and a Maclaren doll stroller for her soon to arrive new baby doll courtesy of her amma and ampa in Hawaii. She also got a new Disney Princess tent, which she refers to as "ouse" (house), as an early Christmas/late Thanksgiving present. I was supposed to wrap it but she already saw it, so never mind! *smile*

This time of the year also serves as a double celebration for us, Christmas and Malcolm and I's anniversary, so we can open our gifts a little early... I gave Malcolm a Dark Knight special edition blu-ray disc and he gave me a whole line of Mary Kay facial skin care stuff. Cheap gifts for us this year since we want to go all out for Micah... well, a budgeted "all-out" expense. However, with our without gifts, I know that we'll have a wonderful, quiet celebration... just us family!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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