Micah at 21 Months

Once again, my post is almost late... well, it's the holidays! Obviously, I'm busy...

Okay, here's Micah's updates...

1. She is so maternal! She loves taking care of her baby dolls, pushing them around in her baby stroller and cooking food in her new play kitchen.

2. If she finds something she's looking for, she yells, "I found it!" (I fon it!)

3. She loves animals. The other day, when we were at my in-laws, she kept yelling "Come here!" to Eddy (the dog) and Scoutie (the cat). When she accidentally tripped over Eddy, she patted his head and said "I'm sorry!"

4. She is so polite... now, she also says "excuse me" when she coughs and sneezes. Also, if she wants to interrupt me talking... hehehe.

5. She SHARES! While she was playing with her cousin Elisa, she was always giving her stuff to play with too.

6. She knows how to "tolor" (color). She loves the little art/music station we got her for Christmas, and we also bought her magic markers and the coloring book... she loves it!

7. She can now appreciate beauty. When she saw my newly manicured nails, she stroked them and said, "mommy, pretty!"

8. She's truly an alpha dog. While she was playing with Elisa, Elisa was following her around, imitating her. When Elisa does something that she doesn't approve, she'll call out, "Don't" while shaking her hands.

9. She's very obedient. When we put up our Christmas tree, she really wanted to play with the glass ornaments. Initially, she was pulling them off. But when I told her not to play with them since they are not toys, just once, she didn't touch the tree again. She still refers to it as "my trict tree" (my Christmas tree), but she wasn't touching the tree.

10. She had a lot of toys under the tree. Everyday since I placed her gifts under the tree (around Dec 15), she asks me "mommy, open?" as she points to the gifts. I kept telling her it's not yet Christmas. She understood and didn't ask again for the rest of the day until the next day. She doesn't nag me or throw tantrums if I say no. So, December 24th, we allowed her to open one gift at a time... she started opening gifts around 9pm and we finished opening and assembling her gifts around 1am. Good thing is, she had a blast!

Okay, that's it! She's almost 22 months, so stick around... more updates to come.

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