Another year...

Last December 22nd officially marked our 5 years together. I remember during our premarital counseling, the counselor said 3 years of marriage is usually the marker that couples have a chance of making it. Well, we're now in our 5th year, so I guess we're making it! *LOL* But seriously, marriage can be difficult, so I can understand why people have certain conditions in trying it. And most of the time, the only way to test a marriage is through time. As for my counselor, 3 years must be significant for her, but for me, I know that regardless of time, our marriage is tested everyday... mostly when Malcolm and I are unguarded. To this day, we have our share of burdens that we know, if left unchecked, can threaten our marriage. Thank God because we never lose sight of who brought us together in the first place. We heartfully believe that our commitment to this marriage is to Jesus first, then to each other... with that in our conscience, it makes it easier to stay married than face the consequences of giving-up on our vows. Yes, the mesh of two people together, with different personalities, values, background, even conviction sometimes, can really be hard. But we can fight anything that can threaten our marriage to the teeth because our promise to Jesus outweighs any difference we may have. Plus, whenever we "let go and let God" (I know, too cliche, but it really works!), He always pulls through and we end up more inlove with each other than ever before... Oh, and the laughter never stops! It's truly amazing! Yes, even after 5 years and for the many more years to follow, I am assured that no matter what life throws at us, we are going to make it!

So life, BRING IT ON!

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