You changed my life in a moment

When I listen to songs, especially love songs, I can't help but to refer to my own love story... my marriage.

Before I met Malcolm, I leaned towards melancholy. In most situations, successes included, I veered to the negative. I wasn't an unhappy person, I just didn't think I deserved the best things in life... I guess my way of thinking was affected by the myriad of disappointments I had concerning issues in my life regarding trust. I had many bestfriends, but none of them really knew who the real me was. In all of my past relationships/friendships, I always played the role of the pleaser. I was the one with all the answers and encouragement. I hardly sought help because of fear... fear of so many things including the possibility of showing my vulnerabilty. So, my pensiveness towards life was given life...

Then God graced me Malcolm. He taught me how to be real... warranted me to aspire good things... encouraged my dispirited soul. God, through my husband, awakened me to the countless possibilities that I could still do. And such realization made me love myself enough to want to be better that I already am... to grow and tap into my bountiful reserves that I didn't know I had.

I love listening to old songs... going through all I have, I came across the song, "You changed my life in a moment" by Janie Fricke and re-recorded by The Company. As I listened, it made me reflect on how Malcolm really touched my life. Somehow, I can say that through him, I changed in so many ways - for the better of course. Now I can say that "I've seen the day when I threw all my sorrows away..." The day I met him... my soulmate, my true love, my bestfriend...

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