My saddest moments

Once again my heart broke. Every around 3-ish in the afternoon of every weekday, my heart breaks... why? For my child. Everytime I go to work, which she already knows, she almost always tears-up. Whenever I say, "Okay, mommy's going to work now" as I kiss and hug her bye-bye for the next 3 hours, all she can say is "okay mommy" with her voice cracking. So every 3-ish pm of every weekday my heart breaks.

Alot of people say it's only 3 hours... yes, I only work for 3 hours. But for me, that's still 3 hours of being away from my baby. She's barely 2 and I know that despite of her growing independence everyday, she still needs her mommy, right now, 24/7.

This is only temporary as Malcolm and I aspire to raise Micah with one parent being at home - me. That's what I really want ever since anyway, just to be a great mother. But until that day comes where we can be financially secured to have me home, my heart will break every 3-ish pm every weekday... *sigh*.

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