So many things, so little time...

Micah's vocabulary is so rich. At 21 months of age and despite of her being "bulol" sometimes, she can carry out conversations with us. Although there are still many times where she throws tantrums because of her frustration with expressing what she wants, once I decipher it, she automatically calms down as if she was just trying to find the words that she still forgets.

So many words that my mind is also forgetting right now but 2 of the most unforgettable are:

1. When she once saw me and her daddy hugging and kissing (we thought she was taking a nap...sheesh!), she said, "what's going on here" with a raised voice.

2. New Year's day, I was cleaning out our files and I left a pile of paper on the floor the night of because I was so sleepy to clean up. The next day Micah, seeing the pile of scattered papers said, "Who did this?" Daddy responded, "Mommy did." She called me as she was pointing to the papers saying, "Mommy, why?"

Both incidents, Malcolm and I laughed so hard we almost cried. Can you imagine? What an alpha dog huh? More to come... once I remember... :-)

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