Chasing cars

Life, it's like chasing cars. We run and run and run- run tirelessly and shamelessly just to find meaning... find purpose...find significance in our existence. We go through life agressively, eyeing all the cars we can catch; but the faster we go and the more cars we think we can ensnare, the more it seems to be a blur. We run and run and run... to nothingness.

But when someone finally recognizes our worth, loves us despite our fallibility, esteems us despite our ignorance, and embraces us despite our inability to embrace ourselves, the complete acceptance finally allows us to stop running and to finally see the joy in rest. Unconditional love breaks our inadequate notions of what life should be. This unmitigated devotion breathes grace to our existence, which then brings forth the epiphany that we are worth something great!

And because of this, we are strengthened to dare life. Because whatever happens, someone is there to catch us... to remind us to just "lay here and forget the world".

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