Micah at 22 months

Time really FLIES! My daughter is almost 2. 2! That's two years of living on earth! But it seems like it was just 2 minutes. Still, everytime I look at her, I remember the first day I saw her... sigh! I wish I could freeze time. I really want her to stay this way forever.

So, 22 months... here are some updates on her.

1. She is really the "ate". When she's around Elissa, even DJ when he was here, she plays with patience. She shares, accomodates... really makes sure that her little cousins are looked-out for.

2. Every morning, once she wakes-up, she's going to hand me my "gwasses"(glasses - for me to see), and will say, "mommy, outside now."

3. She memorized a few more songs: "Sing", "make each day special". And now, she even sings to the harmony of the songs. I know, she's REALLY good.

4. She loves "ot-dog" (hotdog) and "meat" (ham). She can eat a lot of it.

5. She either a gymnast or a ballerina in the making. She loves to stand in one feet, tumble around, do pirouettes and saying "tada" after.

5. She loves to write. Coloring, not so much, but if she gets a hold of any paper or pencil, she will draw circles and curves, and then she pretends to read it. Really funny!

6. She likes saying "e-i-e-i-o" from "Old McDonald has a farm".

7. She loves "icream" (ice cream) and "bwed" (bread), oh, and "chippy". If she's hungry, she's going to ask for this three first, and then "ot-dog".

8. She hates it when I cut her nails. I don't really know why...

9. She LOVES cars (like daddy). If she grabs a hold of anything, she'll pretend that its a stirring wheel and make car noises like "vroom", "Beep-beep". She also loves playing in Daddy's car.

10. She loves the water. If I want to perk her up, I'll ask "you want to go swim?" She'll light up automatically. But her tub is little for her now, maybe it's time to make her swim in our tub.

Okay, more to come...

02/03/09 Update:

- Micah is so independent now. Every time I try to help her with anything, she'd say "Mommy, I do it!"

- If I gigil her, she'll say, "Get off me!"

- If we do anything that she gets annoyed with, like when daddy says, "Hot Pockets!", she'll say "Stop it!"

- She understands humor now. When we watch "America's Funniest Videos", she'll laugh so loud as she covers her mouth... very lady-like.

- She exudes charm and grace all the time... the way she acts and talks. Everybody says it.

- She like playing, "Where is it", she hides something behind her back and asks us to guess which hand is the thing in. But whatever hand we guessed, she'll switch it to the opposite hand... tricking us! Imagine!

- She loves singing, "hotdog, hotdog, hotdigidydog" from Mickey Mouse Club House.

- When I get impatient, she'll say, "wait, mommy!"

-Or when I ask her to do something she doesn't feel doing, like singing front of others sometimes, she'll say, "NO MOMMY! PLEASE!" emphatically!

- She loves "boyoon" or "boloon" (balloon)

- She loves "fawers" (flowers), "twees" (trees), and "weaf" (leaf)

- If she wants to claim something, she'll say "akin!"

- She likes to "it down" (sit down) with me all the time, especially when I'm busy in the computer.

- She can count 1-10 by herself, although I have to start it with "one".

- She can recite most of the "ABCs", although she gets a little confused with B and D.

- She can name all of her body parts (She's done this a long time ago, so it may be in my other update posts).

- She is very choleric (Personality type). She can make people follow her. Great leadership ability that we should hone for the good.

- She loves to read the Bible with me. Every night, before we go to bed, she'll say, "read now!", meaning, it's devotion time. I read a chapter to her everyday - now we're reading the book of Psalms. Then we pray and she's the one who always says "amen"... Her cue is "in Jesus name, we pray..."

There's many more... to be continued...

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