Gosh, it's almost two months...

of not blogging! Geez!

So many things... our new, 2-week old laptop had hard drive problems; thus, back to Best Buy it goes. We have all been sick - first Malcolm brought the bug home once again, which I caught two weeks later, then it hit Micah two days ago... shs still has the sniffles. Yes, poor baby. My heart aches for her when she's not feeling well because Micah is such a happy child, and when she's sick, I can totally tell that it dampens her upbeatness (is that a word? :-p). I know she wants to be her usual self, but since she's feeling achy and stuffed-up, she becomes lethargic, which I think she hates... thus, the ill related tantrums.

So, it's already February... Valentines is just around the corner. Malcolm is so sweet to plan "V" day simply, yet exciting. He will bring Micah and me to a drive-in movie! YAY! I've been WANTING to go, but since there aren't many drive-in movies left around here, there wasn't any chance to go. So, after so many years (for real) of asking him to look for one, he found one not that far away... I still don't know where it is, but he said it's not that far of a drive.

What else... well, we are going to San Diego end of the month... it's for the ACN National Convention, but we are planning to also visit Sea World for Micah. She loves fishies and I know that it'll be a great early birthday surprise for her.

And, speaking of birthdays, Micah is turning 2 this March 31st. GOLLY! Two whole years... it just seems like yesterday when I cradled her in my arms for the first time... now she's 2, and a very grown-up 2 year old too. She is amazingly progressing in all the aspects of her life rapidly day by day. That little girl blows my mind because she is just so advanced. She can count 1-10 by herself, she can sing her ABCs, she can name different colors, can name things in nature (i.e. tree, flower, leaf, etc.), she can name all her body parts, she says things like, "mom, look over here", "What is happening here", "That's good", "See that", "I don't know", And so many more! AS IN SO MANY MORE!!!! Maybe in my next post I can remember it all. And for the more detailed updates on her, go to jbuzon.blogspot.com.

Okay, I will be back more often now... I hope... :-)

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