OMIGOSH! Where have I been?

Yes, I was MIA for a LOOOOOO...NG time now. Life is so busy!!! TOO BUSY! So many things are happening simultaneously, I'm having a hard time tracking what the date is. Yes, too darn busy to look at the calendar. UGH!

So, what's up? Well, our ACN business is growing. YAY! We have already broken even - yes, in a little over 2 months, we already got our investment back. It's really hard work... too many "nos", but I am always reminded everyday, especially when I am doubting, that this is really the path that God gave us to be financially free. We are almost there... yeah baby! My family is about to join us, which I am so excited about! Finally, my dream to help my parents retire is on its way. Mama and Papa, if you're reading this, you read it right. MALCOLM AND I ARE GOING TO RETIRE YOU! I want my parents to do what they want to do, which is to minister freely... without having to worry about mortgage and every other expense. Oh, and I want to retire Malcolm and I too... ASAP! Micah is growing-up to darn FAST and I don't want either of us to miss any part of it. Last weekend, actually Fri-Mon of last week, we attended the international convention of ACN. We had such a great time! It fired us up! I specifically loved the guest speaker, John Maxwell. Everytime I listen to him, it's like I tap into more reserves in me to push me to be more... be better that I already am. Oh, and the founder, Greg Provenzano said, "there are 3 things that I don't compromise: my faith, my family and my integrity". WHAT A GUY! It just so proves that ACN is a credible company. Who wouldn't want to belong to a company who puts so much value on these 3 things. We live in a capitalistic world and it's hard for any industry to factor in these 3 most important things, so ACN is such a rare gem. A company who values the same things I value is hard to find. Thank God for ACN.

In our last two days in San Diego (where ACN convention was held), we were blessed to bring Micah to SeaWorld... and she LOVED IT! She loved seeing the dolphins and sting rays... she liked the sharks, manatees, walruses, otters, etc... but nothing beat SHAMU! Oh my! She really loved Shamu! We were blessed because they were offering the the day-pass price as the season-pass price. So we got a great deal... I guess we are heading back to San Diego sooner that I thought.

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