Micah at 23 months

I know, it's late again. Yeesh! Never mind! We are REALLLLLLLLLY BUSY! Grabe!!!

February has been packed with events! ACN business is really keeping us so busy, but we are not complaining because the money is really good. It's such a blessing to own a franchise that is recession free. But of course, the downside to the overwhelming schedule is my failure to blog for the longest time.

Okay, this blog is mostly updates on Micah naman eh. So last February 29, actually, March 2 (kase diba walang 31st ang February), she turned 23 months! My goodness! In a few more weeks, she'll be turning the BIG-2! I can't believe it! It's been such a wonderful 2 years, but I feel that I haven't chronicled her progress enough. Everyday, she will do things that will amaze us. So here are some updates on her:

1. She can actually recite entire chunks of dialogue from Caillou. I know! BAD MOMMY! Lately kase, I gave her more time to watch TV so that I can be free to do some chores. But the upside is, her vocabulary is bigger now. Caillou is a good show for kids anyway. But still... I know...

2. She is so empathetic. When I cry, she will always console me, giving me hugs and kisses and will say, "don't cry mommy".

3. She is still very maternal. Now she doesn't settle for fake cooking. She really wants to help me in the kitchen. Everytime I cook, she has to be there either watching or, if I allow it, helping me. She usually helps me bake. She likes making cookies and cupcakes.

4. Did I tell you about her facination with cars? Yes, she still loves cars. I think she's really going to be a racecar driver if I allow it... yes, key word: if!

5. She recites her ABCs well now. She still jumbles up the letters (like e,d,b,c). But she is so cute because everytime, she'll grab a book and point to it saying, "a,b,d,c,e".

6. She knows her name well. But she is always fails to say her middle name "ona". For some reason it slips her mind lately... oh, if ampa Sonny hears this... oohhh!

7. She can psyche us out now. When we play with her (she always wants to play "I'm gonna get you"), when she's cornerned, she will call out your attention saying, "Mommy, mommy" and then mumbles something and then runs away. Funny huh?

8. She LOVES Shamu! We went to San Diego early this month, and we were able to bring her to Seaworld for 2 days. SHE LOVED IT! Now, whenever we're in the car, she'll say, "mommy, Shamu!" - meaning, we should play the shamu CD. She loves singing "I speak shamu".

9. She started being so attached to me lately. I think it started when I had to go to work all day for 3 days and she was left with daddy (they were both sick). I think she wasn't used to spending mornings with daddy, so whenever I am out of her sight, she would cry... poor baby!

10. She is really a VERY GOOD girl... she has tantrums here and there, mostly exerting the rights she believes she has (like, getting a piece of candy after a meal, or playing with my make-up if I was doing my make-up anyway... things like that); but over-all, she is a real good girl with a great leadership attitude.

Updates on 3.22.2009

11. Whenever she hears something that weirds her out, she'll say "did you hear that?" with a startled look at her face.

12. Earlier, we ate at Denny's for brunch, and there was this boy lying on the floor, throwing tantrums. Micah, in her bossy tone, told the little boy, "ey you! et-up!et-up! et off pa-flur" (Hey you! Get-up! Get-up! Get off the floor!). Malcolm said she's as bossy as her mom. Darn right!

13. This evening, she was playing house. Daddy told her to stop and go to sleep already. She told daddy with a straight face, "Dad, not done yet! Ain cooking!" (I'm cooking!).

14. Right now, she was throwing tantrums because daddy is cooking pizza and she wants to see it. She kept on yelling, "I see it!" (I want to see it). Since daddy isn't listening, she let out her shrieking voice yelling "DAAAAAADDDYYYY! I SEEEEE IIIIITTTT!" That got daddy's attention. :-)

15. She LOVES eating pizza, pretzel, soup, tomatoes and "gweens" (greens - any leafy veggie... good girl huh?)

That's all for now... 2nd birthday is coming-up. We are holding it in SF Zoo. More details to come.

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