Our story

Have I ever shared how our love story began? I don't think so... huh? Silly me. It a story worth sharing because it's really a "one-in-a-million" kind of story. It would be a great depravity to the world not to hear it. Really!

It was May 26, 2002... the day we met. But our story didn't start there. It started eight months before that, when my 4th stab at "forever" failed. I was hurt deeply, not because of the guy, but because of another FAILED relationship. Once again, rejected and alone. But the thing that hurt most was the failure... honestly, my heart could only take that many heartaches and my ego could only take such humiliation from being cheated on, given-up on, and being taken for granted. And, in times like these, when the remorse overtakes any sensibility, I just run as fast as I can to God.

Yes, I was very apologetic to Him. I was such a failure in relationships because I had also hurt God by cheating on Him, giving-up on Him, and taking Him for granted by not LISTENING to Him. I already knew He had a wonderful plan for my life, which included my soulmate that He had prepared for me a long time ago. But because of my inability to entrust my heart to God, I failed.

That night, I believe it was September 2001, my only prayer to God was to make me stop making mistakes. I was so tired mistakes... so tired of feeling so stupid... so tired of feeling like a failure in the only aspect of my life that I tried my best to perfect. This prayer lasted a good few months, draining me out of all the anger and pity I had for myself, my emotionally battered self. And as the days went by, I started hoping again. This time I started hoping for the plan of God to take place. First thing I did was to list all of the things I thought I wanted in a man, then entrusted the list to God knowing full well that it would be subjected to His changes, not mine. So, I prayed for that list constantly. Then that Wednesday came. It was May 22, 2002. I was out shopping with my mom when my dad called informing us that he had met this interesting youth pastor from our sister church in San Francisco who was visiting until Saturday. My dad asked him to speak at church on Sunday and he said yes if his airline would allow him a day extension. So there was no real confirmation. But my dad felt that it would have been a good thing had we met (I think he just really wanted me to expand my horizons when it comes to meeting men).

So the next day, kuya Ricky, one of my good friends from church, asked me if I wanted to accompany him and this guy he met through my ex-boyfriend to go around-the-island (Hawaii thing when visitors visit). I agreed to go but got really excited when I found out that the man that my father was so impressed with was the same guy that kuya Ricky was referring to. Of course, the romantic in me wanted to meet him... BADLY! After all, the number 1 thing on my list was a partner in the ministry. What can be a better partner than a pastor! But then, I remembered my pact with God. So when kuya Ricky told me that the trip was cancelled, regardless of that twinge of disappointment, I was reassured that it was God who was in control of the situation. If He wanted us to meet, then we would meet. Honestly, that moment was the most freeing moment of my life. That was the time I learned what "yielding on God" truly meant.

Okay, Friday rolled around... my mom and I were out shopping again (ha!). She asked me if I still wanted to meet pastor Malcolm... FINALLY! A NAME! I told my mom that I already gave it up to God- if we should/shouldn't meet. But my mom, being a romantic as well, called Malcolm's cell! But God knew better because he didn't answer! Another confirmation... it wasn't the time.

So, Saturday came. I was having dinner with my parents, brother, and a couple of guests (yeah, another Hawaii thing... there's always guests!) when my dad got an unexpected phone call. It was "Pastor Malcolm" (that's how my parents called him). He was confirming his speaking engagement at our church. As my dad talked to him, my mom darted a sly look toward me, smiling coyly. I, on the other hand, felt a rush of excitement, questioning God if this was it... Was it the time? Were we going to meet?

Back then, our church services were held on the evenings, so I really didn't get to meet Malcolm until 5:30ish pm that Sunday... YES! That God-timed day, May 26, 2002. I vividly remember... we were done practicing for the Praise and Worship. Kuya Ricky came sprinting inside the auditorium, loudly announcing that "Pastor is here!" Dropping everything I was doing, I just stared at the front doors waiting for him to arrive. All of a sudden I felt the need to turn-around. Now, the next part is a memory I have frozen in my heart... As I looked-up (feeling like everything is in slow motion) I saw him. Malcolm was coming toward me with his hand extended. He introduced himself and asked what my name was. Then there it was, a soft voice on top of Malcolm's voice saying, "here he is, your husband!" Needless to say, I was stunned! Fear, shyness, excitement, plus more washed over me as I try to blurt my name out and extend my hand. But as soon as our hands touched, I knew. Finally, God answered.

The rest of the night was eventful. I was supposed to teach the children that service, but my future brother-in-law, David, graciously accepted to teach by himself, as if knowing that I should be there listening to Malcolm. Malcolm's preaching was GOOD! It's about the 3 kinds of prayers (timely!). I was sitting in the front pew as he preache, soaking in the excitement of God's romantic answer as I hear his word through my future husband. After the service, all the youth and young adults took Malcolm out half-the-island. I remember, it took me 20 or more wardrobe changes before I went to Zippys (where we had dinner). We were only one seat away, but I was feeling the thrill that just compounded when Malcolm started asking the birthdays of everyone just to stop after he found out when my birthday was, and when he tossed his calling card to my plate (I even had to ask if he was intending it to be for me). The night ended with a hug after we have talked about everything about us in front of kuya Ricky, Hannah and David no less... sheesh!

A few days later, Malcolm sent a letter of thanks to my dad mentioning an extended thanks to me (apparently, the person who promised that he will give Malcolm my info didn't deliver). Out of courtesy, I emailed him back telling him that "it was fun meeting him and I was looking forward to the Youth and YA lessons" he promised me he will share. From then on we never stopped communicating, initially via email, YM and a couple of phone calls he made, but after he sent an email to my dad asking permission if he could court me and that "he was really serious to the point of marriage but only if God permits" kinda deal, I decided that we should start talking about "us". I called him but he was busy with the youth group at the time, so he had to call me back... AND THE REST IS HISTORY!

Good story huh? Only proves that when God writes your love story, HANDS DOWN, it's going to be the BEST! And this song really fits our story to a T...

I should really write a book, don't you think?

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