In times like this...

There comes a time in any married couple when everything feels familiar. Everyday becomes a chore, and the more we see our mates, the more we think of them as companions, or enemies... you know, as oppose to lovers. Oftentimes, because nothing is stirred in our marriages, we feel it's enough.

Yeah, you may laugh, mostly because of the word "lover" *wink*, but really, think about it. More often that not, it's really the trap... familiarity. It makes people content. Not that there's anything wrong with contentment, but most of the times, contentment breeds mediocrity. Just because we are contented, all of a sudden, we stop trying... trying to "woo" our mates the way we used to. Like that movie, "Fireproof", it rightfully depicts the trap that married couples fall into.

Longevity also doesn't help married couples miss the trap. Most of the time, we gauge the success of our marriage based on the longevity of it, but then again, I see a lot of married couples who have stood the test of time but also grew more and more isolated as time passed.

Alot of people say, "marriage is work!" Yet, hardly do we see married couples really try to work on it.

I really think it ought to be a law for people to go through extensive counseling before being permitted to get married, so that they would fully understand and accept what marriage is - unconditional love for your mate.

Note to hubby: Thank you for unconditionally loving me... eventhough I am not always your favorite person. "xoxo"

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