Mother's Day

It was last Sunday and it should be obvious that I am SO busy to tell you about what happened until today.

It was a great day. Malcolm and Micah surprised me with a much-awaited spa retreat. Much awaited because I cannot seem to bring myself to spend a dime for what I consider luxury now since I had Micah. But it was great! After church, we had lunch at Outback because I wanted MEAT! Then we went shopping. As usual, I got Micah more clothes from Gap and I bought my nephew DJ a few things too. Then off to the spa I went. All I really need to say about that experience is, "ahhhhhhhh!!!"

Well, it's my 3rd Mother's day now and every year Malcolm and Micah keeps on topping the last one. Thank you my precious loves! What makes it great being a wife and mom is being married to Malcolm and having Micah as my baby.

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