Sunday School

Last Sunday was the first time I allowed Micah to go to Sunday school at church. I initially just wanted to show her the room, you know, just to check it out because I didn't think she would want to go anywhere without me (she's my shadow, always calling for mommy). But, to my surprise, the moment my daughter saw the kids and toys, she shimmied her way off my arms and ran inside the room as fast as she can. I didn't even had a chance to put her name tag, so I had to go in and run after her so I can put her name tag. After I signed the drop-off sheet, I tried to get her attention, thinking that she might change her mind. But NO! She already took over the toy kitchen and started telling the boys that gravitated towards her what to do (Yeah, she's the only 2-year old girl there... there was another older girl, but she didn't leave the teacher's side...).

The teacher approached me asking me to go and enjoy the service because Micah looks like she's okay and assured me that if she cries and asks for me, they will alert me ASAP. But, I stayed... stayed hidden behind the pillar, so they won't see me. I just can't leave her that quick. I observed how well she played with others. Of course, she's still the alpha dog, but she is good with integration. She gave everyone she played with assignments ;-)

I went to the service and Malcolm was shocked that I allowed Micah to go. He went to take a look also and said that Micah was doing well. After 30 minutes, the service ended. I rushed to the room where the toddlers are kept. There, my daughter was surrounded by all boys, around 10 of them, most of them taller than her, was just playing quietly with a toy telephone. Malcolm and I just started laughing because despite the rowdiness around her, she just sat there and didn't mind them; however, when anyone gets too close, she will give them the "eye". Then, I saw Micah get up and approach a boy who was banging on a slate. She took the writing stick and gibberishly told and showed the boy that how to properly use the slate. The boy suddenly grabbed the writing stick, hitting Micah in the chest. I was about to jump and slap the boy silly (joke!) but she blurted out, "Ouch! Don't to that!" with her pointy finger wagging in the boy's face. I laughed so hard that the teacher saw I was there. She approached me and said that Micah is such a good girl (I guess she didn't see the way my daughter reprimanded the kid twice her age!). She was polite, saying "thank you" and "please", and she was very good in playing with other kids. Needless to say, I was a very proud mom! As I was talking to the teacher, Micah saw me and shrieked "MOMMY!" and ran as fast as she could towards me. Prior to that she was helping the other teacher clean and put the toys away.

As we drove home, I asked her how was Sunday school. She replied, "kitchen, baby, and toys". I asked if she had fun and if she wanted to go back next week. She replied a big "YEAH!"

My baby's big now! I am just glad she is an extrovert and she knows how to play well with others, and also how to defend herself if she needs to. I love you Micah!

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