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Baby Micah is TWO YEARS OLD! Last April 11, we celebrated her birthday at the San Francisco Zoo with few our closest friends and relatives. Micah had a ball. She really love animals, so the zoo is the perfect place to celebrate her day. Here are some updates and pictures from her birthday and photoshoot (thanks KK and Ray!)

1. Micah loves to sing and she has memorized these songs completely:
- "Cinderella" by Steven Curtis Chapman
- "In my daughter's eyes" by Martina McBride
- Almost all the songs from the "Shamu Believe" show - her favorite goes like this:
" Come, take your place... and reach! Come to dance of the sky, the land and the seas..."

2. Micah can really communicate well. She uses sentences now. She uses pronouns already on top of her nouns, verbs, and adjectives! Yeah! like when she says, "mommy, I want giraffey! I want it, I want it!"
3. She's slowly going through the "why" stage already. "Mommy, why?"
4. She is still very malambing (affectionate)! Most of the times, when we are sitting down, she will go behind me to hug me tightly. She also hugs daddy tightly she he's holding her.

5. I don't know when it started, but she already understands "fear". She knows what "monsters" look like. Eish!

6. She is such a happy kid. She always smiles and laughs... and she always finds ways to entertain herself. Give her a piece of paper and she will do something with that paper that will keep her amused. The other night, she pretended it's pizza and she's cooking it in her toy kitchen. ;-)

7. She is very persistent. When she sets her focus on something, she will do everything to do it. Although her patience is tested (and believe me, she gets testy), she will still achieve whatever it is that she wants to achieve.

8. She always wants to "discuss" things with me... especially when it comes to putting on her jacket... She hates it! But in the end, she'll give in by shrugging, sighing and saying "fine!"
9. She is very friendly, but is definitely not a push over. She shares really good, but when kids try to shove her or scare her to get what they want, it's not going to fly with her. She can stare down kids, man! Just like mommy ;-)
10. She is very artsy. She like to hand paint, draw, doodle... she loves colors.
11. She loves animals. Right now, she specifically loves giraffeys and seals. She has a puppet seal that we always get a hoot out of.

12. She's very clean! She always likes to have a napkin when she's eating - to wipe her face with, just in case. She always picks-up stuff that's on the floor like papers and stuff, and gives them to me and says "mommy, throw!". She likes to sing the Barney song "Clean-up, clean-up! Everybody, everywhere! Clean-up, clean-up! Everybody do your share!"

13. She likes jewelry too. She knows "wing" (ring), "acelet" (bracelet), "clock" (watch), "ewings" (earrings). Very girly girl! Yes, she still likes make-up, specially, "lickstick" (lipstick).

14. She loves dresses. She'll pick one and say, "Mommy, put on". And after she puts it on, she'll say, "Princess" as she's twirling around.
15. She loves dancing too. Well, she loves music, so I guess she'll love to sway to the rhythm too. Whenever she sings the song from Shamu Believe, she has this specific hand movement to the key words of the song. Gosh, you should see it! It's so cool!

16. Oh yes, she loves cooking! Now, she doesn't settle for the toy kitchen most of the times. She'll come with me, stand in my little ladder in the kitchen, and help me cook. She specifically likes it when I allow her to put ingredients in the pot.... of course, making sure she's safe.

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