Why do moms compete with each other? Aren't we all in the same boat? Then why compete!?

All babies are wonderful! But moms can be vicious! Always comparing, always bragging, always trying to outdo other moms. WHAT IS UP WITH THAT?

And what is it with moms with grown kids not being able to stop themselves from raising other people's children!? Why can't they just shut their pipes? After all, "IT'S NOT YOUR KID!" I think the only time a parent is to intervene another parent's way of raising their kids is when they abuse their children... THAT'S IT! For everything else, just shut up!

Honestly, for every mom, their babies are the most perfect little prince or princess, but putting down other moms and trying to steal other babies' and mom's thunders is just plain ANNOYING and CHILDISH!

All children are wonderful miracles. But monster moms who, in order to feel better about themselves, belitte and judge other moms, GEEZ! For crying out loud! STOP TEACHING YOUR CHILDREN TO GROW UP BEING VICIOUS, GREEN WITH ENVY MONSTERS! STOP THEM FROM GROWING UP TO BE LIKE YOU!

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