What a good husband

I know, I know... it seems so unrealistic! Almost all my entries talk about how wonderful my husband is. Yeah, a lot of cynics out there may think that I am a deluded, somewhat pathetic little housewife, who doesn't do anything but drool over her perfect husband.

But what do you know? He really is! I mean, not perfect, but just really, really, really good!

I've said this a million times- my marriage IS NOT PERFECT! There are days that we both feel so inlove with each other, like "what is my life like without you" kinda thing; but, there are days when we both feel like saying "screw this!" (pardon the language). But then again, it's what we do regardless of how we feel that makes our marriage work, and mostly, it works beccause of my husband's ability to look at me and my ugliness and boldly, in faith, say, "I LOVE YOU".

I can't always work that way. I am a "what I feel is who I am" kind of person. And even if this is a big slap to my ego, I must admit that I understand what unconditional love is because of my husband's love for me. It's really the smile of God... the kiss of heaven. He is really good to me. I am the guilt-tripper in the family... but most of the times, the guilt is on me because I hardly appreciate this man, who truly loves me like no one else ever had.

Like today, well, it started last night. Last night was ROUGH! I slept so late, or so early depending on how you look at it... around 3am. To make matters rougher, Micah, for some odd reason, woke-up around 3:30am asking for food. Well, we didn't go back to bed until Malcolm was ready to go to work. Actually, around 6ish am, I took Micah to bed, forcing her to sleep... but she didn't! Instead, I fell asleep! Thank God Malcolm was awakened and he took care of Micah until around 6:30am when she finally decided that she was tired. Mind you, he had to be at work at 7am. I didn't even know what happened next... all I know is that I woke up close to 12nn and I gotta be at work at 3pm. I dashed out the bed, also waking Micah, since I had to do SO MANY THINGS! But then I saw the answering machine flashing... what do you know, it was my husband! He called because he knew I had a rough night and said that he was bringing us lunch! YAY! When he got home, he allowed me to rest by feeding Micah and helping me bathe her. He was there to assist readily! Then he went back to work and said that he will just pick me up and bring me to work (we have only one car at the moment, and when he comes home for lunch, I usually have to drive him back). I mean, THAT WAS JUST NICE!

It may not be a lot, but those little things really show how good he is. Malcolm has his quircks and all- some I can live without- but man, does he make it up in other ways!

I know it sounds unrealistic... but it's true! He is really THAT good!

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