Emotional Affair

I was reading a devotional from Rachel Olsen about people having emotional affairs. Basically, any emotion that is supposed to be shared only with your spouse that is shared with anyone else constitutes an emotional affair. She's saying that Christians are most prone to engaging in this type of affair because it doesn't really involve any physical connection.

For me, I have always been careful about this... or so I thought. I have never allowed anything to connect me with my past boyfriends and I have always made everything black and white when it comes to dealing with men (meaning, I don't engage in friendly flirting). Sure, I have male friends, but they all know my devotion to the commitment I made to my husband.

However, reading about emotional affair also made me realize the things that I have committed that betrayed my husband in someway. See, I never thought there is any harm on "crushing" on movie stars. There I admitted it! And mind you, I don't hide this from my husband. I even told him that it is ok if he has crushes of his own (yeah, teaching him to commit emotional adultery too!).

Yeah, for some people, they'll say that I am being "too legalistic". Afterall, how can it be an affair when obviously, neither Orlando Bloom nor John Lloyd Cruz knows about the teeny-bopper feelings I have for them! But see, encouraging these emotions, though harmless as they seem, creates this image in my head of what my husband is supposed to be. And since he can never be Orlando or John Lloyd, the fact that I get this satisfaction from elsewhere than him, makes me an... yes, I will say it: ADULTERER!

My goodness! Admitting that really hurts! But it is true what the Bible says that we should really guard our hearts because all those little compromises here and there, once compounded, can really be our undoing. So now, I don't get my usual, as I call it, "fix" by watching Orlando or John Lloyd and the characters they portray. Now, I get my fix from my hunky hunk husband, who really is waaaaaa....y better than any actor. Why? because he's for real.

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